About Foundation Issues

3 January 2020
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You should make it a point to learn all you can about your home. You want to stay on top of all its maintenance to fend off unnecessary problems. You also want to know how to spot red flags of trouble, so you can have repairs done right away when things happen to any part of your home. Foundation repair contractors can teach you about how the foundation can be damaged and other information that can prove to be important. Read More 

How To Remain Safe When Cutting Through Concrete Slabs

28 October 2019
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While it is possible to cut through concrete using a chisel, the most common way that concrete is cut through nowadays is to use a concrete saw. However, because the saw can cut through concrete, you'll also have to worry about the saw causing serious injuries if you're not careful. Make Sure Everyone is Informed About Safety Precautions Make sure that anyone operating the saw is informed about all safety procedures. Read More 

How To Use Concrete For Soil Stabilization

16 May 2019
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Having stable ground is important for a wide array of construction, renovation, remediation, demolition, and landscaping projects. Unfortunately, the topography of an area doesn't always lend itself to people's goals. Time can also undo a number of locations that have been previously deemed stable. One soil stabilization solution that's frequently used is concrete. Let's take a look at how it might figure into your next project. Signs of Instability Unstable soil is frequently not discovered until after work is begun or even completed at a site. Read More 

4 Steps To Prevent Foundation Damage This Winter

3 December 2018
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When winter arrives, your foundation will be at risk for serious cold-weather damage. Most people don't think about their foundation when they take steps to winterize their homes. If you haven't taken steps to protect your foundation this winter, it's time to get started on that. Here are four strategies you can use to protect your foundation from winter damage. 1. Don't Overlook the Small Cracks If you have small cracks your foundation, you need to have those repaired as quickly as possible. Read More 

Mistakes To Avoid When Attempting To Saw A Concrete Slab On Your Patio

11 October 2018
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If part of your concrete patio is damaged, you may decide to take it upon yourself to remove the damaged area and pour new cement. However, before you start cutting into your patio, make sure you avoid the following mistakes when attempting to saw through the concrete slab. Forgetting to Wear Personal Protection Before you even pick up the saw to start cutting, you need to make sure you are thoroughly protected. Read More