About Foundation Issues

3 January 2020
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You should make it a point to learn all you can about your home. You want to stay on top of all its maintenance to fend off unnecessary problems. You also want to know how to spot red flags of trouble, so you can have repairs done right away when things happen to any part of your home. Foundation repair contractors can teach you about how the foundation can be damaged and other information that can prove to be important.

The foundation can become damaged

The foundation of your home is very strong. It is literally the foundation for the entire home, but this doesn't mean that it is indestructible. In fact, there are a number of ways that it can become damaged. Learning about some of the things that can cause this damage can put you ahead of the game when it comes to knowing what it is that you should be watching for as far as possible damages.

Earthquake movements – Earthquakes will move the ground, and when the ground moves, it can cause the foundation to also move up and down and back and forth. This movement can leave the foundation with cracks and other damage to it.  

Soil changes – Different types of soil conditions will affect the soil in a way that will then affect the foundation of your home. As soil expands and then shrinks, the foundation will move accordingly, and too much of this movement causes damage.  

Time – Time is another thing that can eventually lead to damages in the foundation. When a house is very old, then that time will also eventually allow things to happen to the foundation due to even the slowest of movements in the ground under the foundation as well as the many years of stress put on top of the foundation. Everything from cracking to sagging can end up happening with age.

There can be noticeable signs of foundation damage

In some cases, foundation issues can't really be found unless you have a professional who knows how to find damage inspect the foundation. However, in other cases, there can be signs that are so obvious that you can find them yourself just by paying some attention to the foundation as well as other areas of your home.

Your doors or windows may shift – If you notice they are suddenly harder to open and/or close, then this may indicate that there is something going on with the foundation that is causing the frames of the doors and windows to hang differently and it is affecting the way those doors and windows function. Also, if you have doors or windows that appear to open and close on their own, then this may also be caused due to the foundation having problems.

Your floor may slope – If you have noticed parts of your floor now seem to slope, then there is something going on with the foundation. In some cases, the sloping may be so subtle you barely even notice it, but in other cases, it can be so severe that it can affect the way you walk in that part of the home.