The Short And Tall Of It: Crane Rental Questions All Wrapped Up

23 October 2017
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Usually, the phrase is "the short and long of it," but because cranes are known for reaching unparalleled heights, it only makes sense to refer to your questions and answers about crane rentals as the "short and tall of it." You are already acquainted with the potential benefits of renting a crane. Now you have some questions about the rental process and length of rental time. Here are the answers:

How Short of a Time Can You Rent a Crane?

Most crane rental companies prefer that you rent a crane in four- or eight-hour blocks. Eight hours is recommended simply because it takes time to pick up the crane or have it delivered to your work site. Eight hours also accommodates unexpected events that would prevent you from returning the crane in four hours. Most people rent the crane for at least a day or two.

How Tall Does the Crane Reach?

That is up to you. A couple of stories is standard for a basic crane rental. If you want to rent a boom crane, and you want to go higher than its normal reach, you will also have to rent the boom arm extensions. (Yes, the boom extensions cost extra.) The maximum number of extensions allowed is two, or three, depending on what your state and local laws are. You cannot go higher than that because the extensions will become too heavy to lift and then they can topple the crane onto its side.

If You Return the Rental Early, What Happens?

Sometimes, returning rental equipment means you are out the extra time and money you paid for. There is no refund for unused time. Other rental companies may charge you to return it early, but that is very rare. Equally rare is the rental company that will reimburse you for the time you did not use. If the rental company does reimburse you for that time, it usually has to be "x" number of hours minimum to get a refund.

If you did not need it for the number of days you thought you did, the rental company, at its own discretion, may refund you for the number of full days you did not use or need the crane. If you are wondering whether or not a specific rental company does have a refund policy, read the fine print on your rental agreement and/or ask the rental agent.

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