How To Beautify Your Backyard

12 September 2017
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Even though the summer is almost over, it's still a good time to plan your backyard beautification now. You can take advantage of the winter months to write down things you want to do and to start your design on paper. From planning to buying precast stepping stones and decorative bird houses, here are some ideas on how to beautify your backyard.

Make An Assessment - The great part about starting your plans to beautify your backyard now is that you can see what works and what doesn't work based on previous experience.

  • With pen and paper in hand, write down the names of flowering plants that were easy to care for and that made it through the hotter days.
  • Look at areas of your backyard that look empty. Look in gardening magazines and in decorating magazines to get ideas for things that could fill the empty spaces. 
  • What can you do to add some pizzazz to the backyard? For example, if you have large trees, consider buying decorative bird houses to hang in the trees.
  • Did your grass do well? Would a different ground cover or even something like flagstone be better than the grass you already have?
  • Do you have a great focal point? For example, would a tiered Mexican fountain add beauty to your backyard?

Buy Precast Concrete Stepping Stones - You can buy concrete stepping stones at many nurseries or from a precast concrete provider. A company like Mershon Concrete can give you more information on precast concrete.

  • Have you thought about getting precast concrete stepping stones to go from one area of your backyard to another? 
  • You can get precast concrete stepping stones in interesting shapes. For example, instead of getting round stepping stones, consider getting them in the shape of flowers. 
  • Another idea is to order stepping stones in the shape of your state. For instance, if you live in Texas, order concrete stepping stones in the shape of that great state.
  • Stepping stones are not only very affordable, but they're easy to care for. Simply wash them off with the hose while you're watering the plants in your backyard.
  • Figure out how many stepping stones you'll need to go from one place to the next so that you'll be sure to buy enough of them at your first purchase time.

Think about shopping at yard sales and at thrift stores to find unique items to put in your backyard. For example, you might find attractive patio furniture for a great price.