Stamped Concrete Patios: A Quick Look At Frequent Homeowner Questions

16 November 2016
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Concrete in general has definitely came a long way from the boring old slabs that line the streets and walkways. Modern concrete has evolved into a highly versatile, incredibly decorative material that can almost single handedly give a home an entirely different curb appeal. This is due in part to the modern technique of concrete stamping. If you have a patio outback that could really use some sprucing up or if you have been considering the installation of a concrete patio, you will definitely want to know more about concrete stamping. Here are a few of the most common questions about stamped concrete patios and the answers you will want to know as a homeowner.

So what exactly is a stamped concrete patio?

A stamped concrete patio is much like any other concrete patio except the surface texture and color is altered through installation processes. Contractors use stamping tools to create specific patterns in the material before it dries to achieve an array of different effects. They can also use pigment dust to change the shade of the concrete.

What are some of the stamped designs you can go with for a patio?

Stamped concrete can be in a myriad of different forms that work well for the exterior of your home. A few examples of the more popular stamped concrete designs include: 

  • cobblestone, which looks like randomly interlocked stones
  • fractured slate with embossed surface treatment for shine
  • textured riverstone finish
  • simulated brick, laid straight or in an interlocking design
  • simulated limestone in a European fanned shape
  • fractured earth stone with a matte finish

How much do stamped concrete patios cost?

The costs for a stamped concrete patio range according to the type you choose, but most contractors do charge per square foot installed, so size is also a major determining factor. A general estimate given by Home Advisor shows that most homeowners spend between $2745 and $5922 for stamped concrete installation.

Are stamped concrete patios as resilient as traditional concrete patios?

One of the greatest advantages of a concrete patio for a homeowner is the fact that you get the absolute resiliency for the long term without a lot of effort, and concrete that has been stamped with a new surface texture is really no different. Some contractors do recommend the stamped concrete be sealed annually for protection against the elements, but this is a simple process you can do on your own. Contact a construction company like Hofmann Concrete Construction LLC for more information.