Repairing Your Concrete Garden Statuary And Fountains: What A Concrete Contractor Will Do

10 August 2016
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When you buy a property that has garden statuary or a concrete garden fountain of exceptional size, you can certainly expect at some point to repair these items due to wear and tear. Since you probably do not have a working knowledge of concrete and concrete repair, you will have to hire a concrete contractor to do these repairs. Here is what the concrete contractor will do to restore and repair your fountain and/or statuary.

First, the Supports

Heavy items like a concrete statue need to be supported while they are repaired. If the contractor can take them down off a pedestal or lay them down, this is the first step. Otherwise, working supports and scaffolding will have to be built to hold the broken pieces of statues in place while the contractor fills in the cracks and applies a layer of fresh concrete to the broken areas. If he/she can lay the statues down, then a soft, removable support (such as foam and rubber) is used underneath to keep the pieces from shifting during the repairs.

Then the Fill-ins

Next, a batch of quick-drying concrete is mixed into a thick paste. This is used to fill in cracks and act as the "glue" for broken sections. (If you requested repairs to a garden fountain, then this is troweled on around the base where needed and molded and sculpted around the decorative parts of the fountain before it is sanded and smoothed to match the rest of the fountain.) The thick, wet concrete mixture is smoothed on and in, then left to dry. Once it has sufficiently dried and cured and there is little chance of the pieces coming undone again, the sanding process begins.

Finally, the Sanding

The sanding process removes excess lumps of concrete and helps shape the added concrete so that it conforms to the areas of the garden statuary and/or fountain. This is a very slow and time-consuming process because the contractor will want to make sure that he or she does not re-fracture or break the fresh concrete while shaping it. When the job is complete, your statues and fountain will look good as new.

You will be able to tell where the repairs were made simply because the patch concrete will not be the same color as the surrounding concrete unless the contractor uses chunks of the broken concrete to create the patch concrete. This is not usually done for garden statues and fountains, as it would require destroying a large chunk of these decorative elements to get the right color of concrete patch. However, if there is a lot of small chunks laying around that cannot be put back through repairs, your contractor may reuse these for better aesthetic results.