Learning More About A Concrete Foundation For Your New House

14 July 2016
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Building a new home from the ground up takes a lot of work and several different contractors. Once you have a lot cleared and ready to start building, your first step is contacting concrete contractors for pouring your home's foundation. Learning more about the foundation that your house will sit on is a good idea and can help you take better care of it in the years to come.

Preparing Your Lot For A Concrete Foundation Is Vital

While concrete is strong and long-lasting, your concrete foundation depends on the soil its on and the slope its on to provide the best structural benefits for your home. For example, if your lot does not have the proper grade for ensuring water drainage away from your new foundation, a contractor will grade to build the slope up before pouring the concrete. In some cases, specially designed drainage systems are put into place for making sure water drains away from your foundation.

Looking Closely At The Type Of Soil On Your Lot

Proper water drainage is determined a great deal by the type of soil your foundation sits on. For example, sandy soil will promote faster, downward water drainage than clay would. The kind of soil that will be around your home's concrete foundation determines the type of drainage system that needs to be put in. The contractor you hire for pouring your concrete foundation will know which drainage system will work best for your lot's soil type.

A Word About Structural Concrete

Structural concrete is used commonly for housing foundations because it can withstand a lot of tensile stress. When your house is constructed on top of the foundation, reinforced structural concrete will have the tensile strength to hold it up without caving in or cracking. Concrete can also be molded into many shapes, giving you and your contractor more choices for foundation designs based upon the architecture of your new house. One of the greatest benefits of structural concrete is it is low maintenance and affordable.

Building a new home is an exciting adventure, but making sure you take each step of the process with careful calculation is important to avoid mistakes you will regret later on. By hiring experienced commercial concrete contractors for your home's construction, you have greater chances of knowing your home sits on a safe and strong foundation. Before you start grading your lot, contacting a concrete contractor about it is a good idea.