3 Tips For Beautiful Landscape Design

2 October 2015
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Have you recently remodeled your home? Do you now want to make the outside landscaping as spectacular as the new inside? Here are some tips to creating a spectacular yard that will make all your neighbors envious:

Don't copy nearby yards: When designing a new landscaping loo, it can be tempting to base your plans off of a look that you like. If you copy someone from the same neighborhood as you, you could end up with a look that appears to be a clone of another house. In order to make your yard stand out, it needs to be different. For example, if all your neighbors have ordinary grass lawns, consider planting clover, moss or even thyme as an alternative low-growing ground cover. 

Add distinctive borders: Decorative concrete borders can be an easy way to change the feel of your yard. If you want to evoke the feeling of a calm and peaceful Japanese garden, you might want to have cherry blossoms or oriental-style knot designs embossed in the decorative concrete borders. Not only will this help to enhance the aesthetics of your yard, it can help to distinguish various parts of your yard. You may want to plant flowers inside of an area that has one type of decorative border, while vegetables or fruits may be planted inside borders that have a different, but similarly themed, motif.

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Use all 3 dimensions: When planning a complete overhaul of your landscaping, it can be all too easy to simply stick with a flat two-dimensional landscape plan. However, adding a third dimension doesn't have to be difficult either. If you have a large yard, consider having a tiered elevated fish pond installed. This can be placed in the middle as a focal point, or off to the side. The pond should be created from decorative concrete in two or three tiers, to evoke the feeling of a mountain. The lowest tier would be small flowers and plants, the middle tier would be the pond itself. The highest tier would be evergreens or similar types of vegetation. Having a small waterfall run from the highest tier into the fish pond would give the whole setup a more natural feel. To make caring for everything easy, the highest tier should be at approximately shoulder height or lower.