Choosing Concrete Floors For Beauty And Durability

1 October 2015
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Flooring is one of the most important choices you can make when you are designing or remodeling your home.  Although you can go with the more traditional surfaces such as hardwood, carpet, or tile, concrete has become an increasingly popular choice for home flooring. Before you decide on your new floors, investigate concrete.


No surprisingly, a concrete floor is incredibly durable. Even if you have a dozen children of your own who routinely do everything except use a jackhammer on it, your floor will stand up. Pet's claws and dropped sofas will not scratch or dent your floor. Once you lay down a concrete floor, it's there until you pay to have it removed. 

Concrete floors also resist fire, bacteria, stains, water, and smells. They rarely show wear and are conducive to good air quality. Once you install a concrete floor, your energy bills should decrease since concrete retains heat from the sun in the winter and remains cooler in the summertime. 


When you envision concrete, you may picture a rough, gray surface, but a modern concrete floor can be a beautiful addition to your home. You can stain your floors and create a unique, colorful, and glossy finish. Grid lines can be applied to give the floor a more expensive look. You can even create a "wet look" by applying an acrylic sealer. Your contractor can stamp the concrete to look like wood or prepare it to resemble marble. Your options are almost unlimited when it comes to creating a sophisticated look for your concrete floor. 


Experts suggest using floor mats at the entrance to your home to protect your floors. Most of your cleaning will consist of sweeping and using a microfiber mop to get up the dust. When you damp mop, use a gentle cleaner. Avoid bleach, or ammonia products that can harm the finish on your floors. Once or twice a year, you may want to apply a finish to protect the sealer that was used on the concrete. 

Concrete floors are a beautiful, long-term investment that look sophisticated while withstanding almost anything you or your family can do to them. The maintenance is minimal and easily accomplished. Once you have your concrete floor installed, you will enjoy years of worry-free flooring. If you have never considered using concrete floors in your residence, you should investigate your options. A concrete floor is not just utilitarian but a thing of lasting, affordable beauty. 

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